Best Lashes Wholesale For Fox Eye Look FX-3
Best Lashes Wholesale For Fox Eye Look FX-3
Best Lashes Wholesale For Fox Eye Look FX-3
Best Lashes Wholesale For Fox Eye Look FX-3
Best Lashes Wholesale For Fox Eye Look FX-3

Best Lashes Wholesale For Fox Eye Look FX-3

Lash Type:
Vegan mink lashes
Packaging :
Private label available
Wear Times:
25 times wear with proper care
PayPal,T/T,Western Union,etc.
100 pairs per style
Black Cotton Band
15-30 working days as your order detail
3 pairs Free sample
Fox eye style lashes is a kind of the length of an eyelash extending gradually outward from the inner corner of the eye.
The length of its outer lashes is much longer than the length of its inner lashes.
So when you wear these lashes, your eyes will look elevated, creating the illusion of fox eyes.
If you also want to have this unique charm please choose our this lashes.

Best Lashes Wholesale For Fox Eye Look FX-3

Best-Lashes- Wholesale-For- Fox-Eye-Look-1.JPG

This style lashes is natural fox eye shape lashes. 

Although it is a natural eyelash, it has a special shape and looks different from ordinary eyelashes when worn.

It blends seamlessly with the outer corner of your natural lashes.

Best-Lashes- Wholesale-For- Fox-Eye-Look-3.JPG

This lashes is perfect for our daily makeup to wear.

It has very soft cotton black band and super light weight even like feather. 

Its material is PBT fiber without any cruelty and it is very safety, when we wearing it our eyes don't feel any uncomfortable.

Best-Lashes- Wholesale-For- Fox-Eye-Look-4.JPG

When you wear this eyelash and open your eyes with the upper eyeline.

Your eyes will become a fierce and voluptuous fox eyes.

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